“The Only Remedy For Love Is To Love More”

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Friends, Poetry, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)

Meherbaan hoke bulalo mujhe chaho jis vaqt
Main gaya vaqt nahin hoon ki phir aa bhi na sakoon.

[Call me kindly whenever you feel like
I’m not time that cannot come back]

None of them ever said so though i always waited for all of them to quote this couplet of Mirza Ghalib. Waiting for such a voice to take wings and expecting such a thing is foolishness, said many friends. Time passed and none of them came back. Nor did any such voice come. But then… after a long silence there was a knock on the door…

I opened the door and i saw the very same faces… couldn’t believe that the ones who had left my world without any notice and without giving me a reason, were now in my world again. Was it a dream, i kept asking myself and every time the inner voice said ‘no’.

How could i make them all stand at the door? I invited them in and they came in. Every furniture in the house still had the fragrance of the same people on it. Time stood still after they had left, for many an elements in my world. Now it was time for frsh air again. They sat with a smiling face in my house as if they had never left my world. I asked them to take rest and they went inside the room to take rest.

Other friends who stood behind the doors untill now surfaced and asked me if i had any sense? They warn me of the guests i have at home now. “Have you forgotten how badly they hurt you and how badly their absence hurt you?” and i remain silent. They proceed with their gunning, “They behave as if nothing happened” and conclude it by declaring that they wouldn’t stand by me if the guest hurt me again this time. I say nothing. A man who does not learn from history is bound to live it again, warns one of them. “May be” i say and add to it the famous quote of Thoreau “The Only Remedy For Love Is To Love More.”

Silence…  some are taking rest inside….

25 April 2009

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