Platform Ticket Holder

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Friends, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)

The train had started moving but Rahul wouldn’t move from the door and we wouldn’t move from where we stood. We waved hands at each other till we could see each other. Once we were not seen to each other Rahul called us immediately to say “will miss you all”. Navendu, Ravi and I all were fighting back tears.

No! We were not ready to leave each other!


It might have appeared very filmy to the people there. That realization dint stop us from holding each others hand even after the train had started moving. Nageen was inside the train and I was on the platform. I ran with the train holding Nageen’s hand till the end of platform. I stood there, seeing the train move helplessly. Nageen messaged “apna dhyaan rakhna Sam…. Bahut kam lekin bahut achcha waqt guzaara hai maine tumhaare saath. Main tumhaari dosti saath le jaa rahi hun. Bahut yaad aaoge… love you loads. Khuda hafiz”.

No! We were not ready to leave each other.


The season is back. The pain has started sinking in, again, like every year. Yes, its time to say “good bye” to co-passengers of life.

Home, parents, home food- enough and more for everyone to feel envious about a localite. But ‘at the end’ it’s the localite, who is the most unfortunate one. All take a ticket to the next station and leave as the localite waves his hand with misty eyes and a platform ticket in the other hand. The platform ticket holder comes back to the same place where memories will haunt him, as every element would have some memories attached to the people who moved out. It’s the platform ticket holder who has to live in the vacuum. How fortunate the localites are!!!


”The train is arriving shortly on platform number……”

16 May 2008

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