A Pregnant Lady And…..

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 PMNov (Friends, Media, Musings, Slice Of Life)

06 September 2009: After a good lunch at Vasanth Vihar, Shrini and I took an auto to Central Secretariat metro station, Mirza Ghalib’s house at Chandini Chowk being our final destination.

At the Africa Avenue Road signal, the auto stopped and as we were waiting for the green signal to appear we saw three women crying to a passenger on the auto which was standing ahead of our auto. Even before I could think anything the three women came near our auto and one of them in a shivering voice said, “We have to take her to the hospital, she could deliver at any moment,” pointing at the lady who stood in the middle. Yes, she was pregnant and anyone would notice it. She was holding her hand between her thighs and had closed her eyes and pain had veiled her face. “She is bleeding,” said the second lady.

I thought that they wanted to take the pregnant lady to the hospital and were looking for a vehicle. “Get down,” I told Shrini, who dint even move by an inch. I held Shrini’s hand to pull her out telling to myself, “How insensitive this girl is.” I had already put one of my leg outside the auto and the first lady said, “Son, we cant take her to the hospital in an auto while she is bleeding so heavily.” Her voice was shivering as she said this. The second lady was holding the pregnant lady tightly and the pregnant women still holding her hand between her thighs.

Unable to understand what to do I looked at Shrini who was more perplexed than I was, I guess. I asked the lady, “What can I do?” to which she replied “We need to take a cab and we don’t have money.” I did not know what to do. “You are like my son, please help us. She is bleeding and she might deliver at any moment,” said the second lady. I took out my purse to from my back pocket and as I was opening it Shrini pushed my hand back, gesturing not to give any money. “How insensitive,” I told myself and gave a hundred rupee note, pushing back Shrini’s hand. The first lady took the money and said, “This is not enough.” The pregnant women was looking at the sky, squeezing her face out of pain. “I am a student and cannot help more,” I informed the lady. “You are like my son, please help us. Her life is in danger. She is bleeding heavily,” said the second lady and the first lady extending her hand inside the auto trying to touch Shrini said, “You are like my daughter and you can understand the situation better. Please help.” The green light in the signal post lit and the auto moved ahead.

“Will they get the remaining amount for the cab? Will they reach on time?” I was wondering and my thoughts were interrupted by the voice of the auto driver saying, “She gets labor pain everyday.” I was numb. I put my head out and turned back just to see the three women walk like normal people.

07 September 2009

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