A Story Told By 3 SMS

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Letter, Media, Musings, Slice Of Life)

This afternoon as soon as i entered the office i got three SMS in a row from an unknown number. Here i am reproducing all the three messages i recieved:

SMS 1:
B.C. Road government bassinalli Bramrakutlu moolada 8 mandiya tanda Adyarinallibussige hatti 4 mandi Muslim vidyarthigalige maarananthikavagi halle nedesi Kodikal’nalli ilidu hogiddare. “Nimage durugutti nodalu kalisidavaru yaaru?” endu hedarisiddare. Makkalu Wenlock aaspatrege hogiddare. Makkala hesaru- Nizar, Badriya College, Thousif, Rizoria College, Nawfal and Muzafar, Bantwal Crcent College.

[A team of eight people from Bramarakutlu got into a government bus at Adyar and hit 4 Muslim students travelling in the bus. They threatened the four saying “How dare you give looks to us?”. The injured students haev gone to the Wenlock hospital. Their names are Nizar of Badriya College, Thousif of Rizoria College, Nawfal and Muzafar of Bantwal Crecent College]

SMS 2:
Bcoz of this may be chance of revenge from the side of muslims.

SMS 3:
Please dont call me. I am reader of your paper. Further please contact Kankanadi or other Police Station.

These three SMS unfolded the true picture of Mangalore as of now: There are attacks on minorities for the most silly reasons. There is a possibility of counter-attacks. These “actions” have created a fear psychosis among the rest. There is an attempt to fight fascism by certain people but they wish to stay unknown because of the terror unleashed by the fascists.

25 July 2009

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