Being And Nothingness

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Cinema, Friends, Media, Musings, Slice Of Life)

“Sir, they looked at me weirdly,” she said and we laughed. We both knew that for the rest of the world it would appear a bit weird if a student from a Media College goes to a coaching centre and asks for a seat for medical entrance coaching.

She wanted to be a doctor always but landed in a Media College by chance. While she is doing good in the media field, she still has her heart in medicine and is preparing herself for medical entrance exam as she wants to do her MBBS once she complete her degree in Media.

“Sir,” she said after a moments silence, “If i dont clear the medical entrance exam i shall go join the defence.” Not being a man who is passionate about defence i just smiled, not knowing how to react. I dont know what this expression of mine communicated to her for which she immediately said “I might appear like a person who knows not what she wants. I tried for medicine once couldnt get through so came to media. Now i am trying for medicine again and saying if i dont clear this i will go for defence. But what i am saying is true Sir, if i dont crack the medical entrance exam i will go join the defence.”

I had a braoder smile this time on my face. Taking the glass on the table i said “The shape of this glass is dictated by the purpose of it. To mean its being is decided by its to be,”  similar to what Phaniraj Sir had told me once sitting at the Annapurna Canteen in Manipal with the example of the scissor. “But,” i continued “man’s being is not dictated by any purpose. We are not here with any purpose. We are not born to be this or that. We are just born without our life being dicated with any purpose. It is Being and Nothingness. So, you need not think much as to if you will be judged as a person with no focus or purpose. Being is the only truth. The rest is all what we make out of our being.”

Then i went on to narrate as to how i wanted to get into visual media always and how i am in print media today, when i showed no interest in print media all my life. I also narrated the story of another friend of ours who always has been passionate about print media and especially about the organization i am working for, but how he, today, is all set to enter the visual media.

Both of us laughed…

28 May 2009

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