Doobey Agar Toh Paar Ho; Paar Ho Toh Doob Jaaye

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Cinema, Friends, Literature, Musings, Poetry, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)

Saying that its a video she made on all the pets that she had and lost, Madhura handed over her laptop. The last of all the lost pets (a puppy) was a dog which had to be surrendered to mercy killing. The text that accompanied the photos of that puppy read “i had to agree for the brutal act of mercy killing.” I immediately told Madhura that i had a problem with referring to mercy killing as brutal, to which very politely she answered saying “it is brutal for me becasue i loved it so much.”

The previous day as i was sitting with Dr. Hema Tharoor and discussing about mercy killing, she had said “Its illegal and unethical.” Here was Madhura calling it “brutal.” The similarity between the opinion of Dr. Tharoor and Madhura is not just disagreement with mercy killing but also of a detached perspective, it appears to me.

To both, Dr. Tharoor and Madhura i narrated a story from the life of Mahatma Gandhi, which few months ago Pattabhi Sir had told me. The story goes like this-

Once a calf in Gandhi’s ashram had a serious injury and was suffering because of the injury. Gandhi after trying all sort of medications finally passes an order to kill the calf. The disciples of Gandhi protest yet Gandhi stands his ground and the calf is killed. Then a meeting is called by the disciples of Gandhi in the ashram of Gandhi to where Gandhi is put on trail and questioned “How could you who pearch ahimsa and non-violence get down to killing an inncoent calf?”. Gandhi says “I couldnt see it suffer so i had to kill it.” The disciples take the argument further and ask “So if a man is suffering will you kill him too?” to which Gandhi says “Man can atleast voice his suffering but the calf couldnt even voice its suffering. It was suffering silently,” and the meeting comes to an end.

Though Madhura agreed with this argument i put forth through the story of Gandhi, Dr. Tharoor was not convinced because i was saying that mercy killing must be legalized and that it was not unethical, looking through the eyes of the sufferer.

Mahroom-E-Haqiqat Hai Sahil Ke Tamashaayi
Hum Doobke Dekhe Hai Dariyao Ki Geharaayi
[Ignorant are the ones who are standing at the coast
I have seen the depth of the sea drowning myself in it]

There is difference between walking a procession and sitting in the balcony and having a look at the procession. The ones sitting in the balcony are like the ones standing in the coast and passing comments on the depth of the sea. They know not how unbearable or intense is the agony of the sufferer who dies a slow death because of a tonguless agony and voiceless suffering. They sitting in their comfort zones call mercy killing as “illegal”, “unethical” and “brutal” when for the sufferer asking to live is brutal. An outsiders perspective of suffering can intensify the voiceless suffering more.

My good friend V. Govind said once “Death is not a problem but dying is,” if that argument has to be extended, one can say that a life which is suffering and thus dying drop by drop can be blessed with quick death by mercy killing.

Kashti-E-Dil Bachaiye Magar Itana Rahe Khayaal
Doobe Agar Toh Paar Ho; Paar Ho Toh Doob Jaye
[Save the boat of my heart if you wish to but kindly know this:
If it drowns it will be saved is it is saved it shall drown]

08 May 2009

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