Faizaan Miyaan

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Friends, Letter, Poetry, Slice Of Life, Theater)

Faizan miyan,

When you in your own gentle and polite way call me “Bhaiyya”, with that tender smile dipped in innocence and purity, how do I tell you, what a joy it is, which makes me feel so privileged!

The politeness that your words and actions reflect, I haven’t seen elsewhere! The love and respect which you display towards me, though I enjoy it, makes me question my worth in receiving it!

“Haan Bhaiyya” is the answer that I get, whenever I look to you in the time of need. Investing faith on you has been one of the safest deposits ever.

Every word that took wings from your lips was a sweet poem. And when you read poetry, it became a sweet song!

Your dedication, your commitment has compelled me so many times to learn from you lessons that I never learnt! Your sweat, an outcome of your hard work, has made me feel ashamed of my laziness!

This institute (Manipal Institute of Communication) saw you doing almost everything- Dance, Sing, Compeer, Reciting poetry, Act in plays, Lead (Kala Manch), manual labor (as a volunteer) etc etc. What a talent you are!

When you spoke in the final meeting of Kala Manch, you appeared like a mother who was leaving her child in a boarding school requesting the teacher to take care of her child, while you handed over the duties and responsibilities to your juniors!

The time has come, now, for you to leave. Without hesitating to mention the lump in my throat, I wish you all the best for your future and stress on the point that you have been one of the finest souls I have come across. And one final say: with your unwaxed love and constant support you have paralyzed me to a large extent!

A warm hug to you Faizan Bhai.

With all the love i have for you and i can possibly give you.
– Samvartha Bhaiyya.

09 May 2008

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