Great Expectations

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Activism, Media, Musings, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)

We took a break between the event to sip a cup of tea. While having tea the co-journalist sitting opposite to me asked “How correct was it on the part of Mr. Somayaji to speak so about the Minister? That too being a Professor in a Government institute.” Mr. Somayaji who had just spoken in the protest meeting had criticized a minister who he said had studied only upto class 8 but did interfere in the matters of a University college. What Mr. Somayaji meant was that the minister had no clue as to how a univeristy college operates.

This small discussion over a cup of tea, is just a slice of the mentality of our ‘civilized’ society.

Soon after i had joined The Hindu, my colleague and friend Sudipto Mondal took me to Kudubi-Padavu, a place where land had been forcefully acquired for SEZ. That day some seers were supposed to visit the village and listen to the villagers. The villagers went on their knees with eyes swelled with tears before the seers and begged to get their land back to them. During that heart-squeezing moment one of the seer said “take it easy, dont lose your calm”

Why is that the ‘civilized’ world expects decent behaviour and polished language from the murdered and not the murderer? from the expolited and not the expoliter?

I dont understand as to why the ‘civilized’ world expects too much of a decent behaviour, polished language, fire-less speech, calmness from the murdered and not the murderer? from the exploited and not the exploiter?

A lady recently speaking furiously to me at Ullal, follwoing the incident of  a shopkeeper running away, with the money, after promising electronic goods for lesser rates, but not delivering it to people who had paid money. She had lost around Rs 20000, she said. Her anger was genuine and understandable. Speaking furiously to me, she not just apologized but said “who else do i speak to Sir? If i speak so to the police, they  will not understand my anger and will feel that i have hurt their ego “

Why is that the world cannot understand the public outrage? Why does human frustration go un-understood? Why do we expect the hurt people to behave in an ironed anned neat manner?

I still remember Subrato Bagchi speaking in Heggodu (October 2008) where he said “If Mamtha Banerjee uses a mobile phone and uses a car she has no moral right to speak against Nano car”

When a journalist, recently, threw shoes at the then USA President George Bush, it was a major discussion as to how morally and ethically was that form of protest correct, failing to understand the frustration and anger.

This world expects too much of moral ethics, too,  from the protestors and not from the expoliters.

This world has geat expectations!!!

20 February 2009

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