Guldastaa Gulzaar Ke Naam

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Cinema, Letter, Music, Poetry, Slice Of Life)


Respected Gulzar Sahab, congratulating you for the prestigious Oscar you have won, i must tell you that till you won the award i was saying Oscar Award has lost its worth and value by nominating a film like Slumdog Millionaire in the Best Film cattegory. But when you won the award i turned my quote and said “The value and worth of Oscar has reached a unique height now” for i feel Oscar was honoured when you recieved it.

But as i kept hearing people speak about India getting the Oscar i noticed that people were just celebrating A.R.Rehman and not you. It appeared like everyone had forgotten you. Or to put it in a better way, the stardom of Rehman eclipsed you.

Cinematographer V.K.Murthy in his autobiography speaks of a conversation he once had with Sahir Ludhianvi. He says that he had an argument with Sahir about what is important lyrics or music, in a song. Sahir, he says, said that a lyrics can be musical even when it is read and in the absence of music and as a reply Murthy had told Sahir that even if music is sung with no lyrics but with just random words even then it can be effective. Narrating this incident Murthy sahab says “After Sahir’s death there were songs like ek do teen which clicked and proved that i was correct in my argument with Sahir”

Its this conversation between Sahir and Murthy which i remembered when i saw people celebrating Rehman and ignoring your contribution. Was Murthy sahab correct in his argument? I dont know. But the way the public and media behaved after the Oscars was supporting the argument, indirectly, of Murthy sahab, as though music itself made the song.

As your admirer i felt offended when the media and the public ignored you. But Gulzar sahab, unknowingly everyone was celebrating you, for the celebratory slogan of the entire nation was Jai Ho which came from your pen. Congratulations.

Samvartha ‘Sahil’
24 February 2009

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