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November 3, 2010 at 9:15 PMNov (Friends, Musings, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)


Daadi Ma (Deepanshi) and i were talking over the phone. She had just shifted to Mumbai and was searching for a place to stay. After speaking of the rooms that she saw that day and also about the problems related to those rooms she spoke about two kids she met by the beech. “One asked me for Kurkure (junk food) and the other asked me for water,” explained Daadi Ma and went on to say, “What city is this Sir? Some have huge bungalows to stay and some do not even have room to stay.” She wasn’t referring to herself who had not found a room. Traveling around Mumbai one day had made her see life standing naked before her. I was shocked for i had never heard Daadi Ma speak so. I went silent for a while and asked her to repeat what she had just said. “Some have huge bungalows and some do not even have a room to stay,” she repeated. “Unbelievable,” i said and heard her say, “No Sir, the division between the rich and poor is so evident in this city.” It was for the first time that Daadi Ma was speaking about class division and oppression. I was thrilled, but just for a while. The excitement and joy was punctured the moment Daadi Ma said, “yeah, as Sunny says this motivates to work hard to reach a level where i can afford a/c and a bungalow.”


Tears swelled in my eyes. Tears were flowing from her eyes. I just wanted to go hug her for what she said just then. “How hurt must his mother be because of this,” she had said before letting tears roll down her cheeks. She was referring to the mother of the guy with whom her own daughter was in love and wanted to get married to. She was hurt by her daughter’s decision because the guy was of another caste. She knew that the guy’s mother was also hurt because her son had liked a girl from another caste. She did not know the guy’s mother but still she was in tears also for this unknown lady. I was moved immensely because this lady, within her own pain, gave a thought about another lady, who was equally hurt. I was moved and automatically tears swelled in my eyes. But when she pulled herself out slightly from the pain, she wiped the tears and started speaking about the relevance of caste and the problems of getting married outside the caste! I walked out…


A heart which understands the suffering of several unknown residents of Mumbai finally ends up thinking in the fashion of this competitive self-centered world to get economically strong and be able to buy an a/c.

A heart which understands the pain of a stranger lady could not escape the caste consciousness in a world where caste plays an unnecessary important role.

28 June 2010

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