Heart Of The Heartless Society

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Activism, Cinema, Friends, Media, Musings, Poetry, Slice Of Life)

The latest blog posting of a friend who is close to my heart announced that it was the last posting and went to explain waguely as to why it is the last. Disillusionment was echoing in every word. There was a smell of ashes in every word. Ashes of a burnt beliefs and faiths.

It reminded me of a similar blog posting which i happened to read almost a year and a half ago. It was a blog that i followed regularly, though i did not agree completely with the ideology the author of the blog subscribed to. And one fine day i see the author declaring, “1500 postings in a span of one year and now i feel that i was walking the wrong path. I have lost my faith in what i believed.”

That posting snatched my sleep for days. The author and his last posting became my major preoccupation. “How would one feel when he relaises or faces circumstances where he is is made to think that all that he believed all his life was not correct was not true?”, “What would happen in the inner world of a person when his/her beliefs collapse?”  i thought day and night.

Speaking of one of the strongest belief system of the world i.e. religion, Karl Marx said “Religion is the heart of the heartless society.” Where criticizing the very religious beliefs he accepts that this belief is the heart of the society.

Religion or for that matter any belief orfaith is the heart because it keeps the system alive. It is the heart because it keeps one moving on. When our beliefs and faiths collapse, death begins, unless we take shelter in another set of beliefs. Hence beliefs are impoartant, it appears to me.

Recently a freind of mine who is an atheist told me that he wouldnt want to challenge the belief of his mother in God because that belief gave her the strength to live and fight. Being an athesit myself and having a equally god fearing and god believing mother i couldnt agree more with my friend. How correct are the beliefs is a debatable matter. But this faith and beliefs do strengthen us from within and that is important.

Ghalib in one of his famous Ghazal writes:

Tere Waade Pe Jiye Hum Toh Yeh Jaan Jhoot Jaana,
Ke Kushi Se Mar Na Jaatey Agar Aitbaar Hota

[If You Think That I Had Been Living On Your Promise, It Is A Lie
For, If I Had Faith In You, Would Not Of Joy I Would Die]

Was Ghalib regretting that he did not believe the person? What would have happened if he were to believe and trust and have faith in the person he is referring to? He would have died happily!


Girish (Kasaravalli) Sir’s film DWEEPA is about a family which refuses to vacate the island which is facing the threat of being submerged due to the construction of a dam near by. The head of the family is Duggajja an old man. He is of the belief that the island cannot submerege, may what happen, because its a holy island where lord Rama and Sita lived during vanvaasa. Hanging to this belief he continues to live in the island.

One morning, after a long night which saw heavy rains,  his daughter in law calls him out, once she opens the front door of their hut, to say that the river water level has reached their door, due to the construction of the dam. Duggajja comes out to see that the river level had come up to their doorstep. Not speaking a word Duggajja stands for a while and then exclaims “I belived that this island would never get submerged but my belief has been proved wrong.” After his beliefs get submerged, Duggajja doesnt speak in the film till he stand face to face with death.

What snatched his power and strength to speak?- have asked myself many a times… was it the collapse of a belief that gave him the strength to continue to live in that island? – i have questioned myself again in response.

20 June 2009

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