Lost And Found…

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 PMNov (Friends, Musings, Slice Of Life)

After a long walk with two fine minds i.e. Sundar Sarukkai and Gopal Guru from Neenasam campus up to Prasunna’s house and back to Neenasam campus in Heggodu, I was overjoyed. I totally forgot, in my joy, that I had to go back to the room and collect my note book, pen, bag and wallet before entering the seminar hall.

After the first session during the tea break I went back to the room to collect my note book and pen. I also wanted to have tea so had to collect my wallet and my small diary inside which i had also kept my ATM card. I picked up my bag which was lying on the bed. Inside it was my note book and pen. I turned towards the window to collect my little diary and my wallet. I had kept on the window frame my wallet and my small diary the previous night after changing. My wallet and diary was not to be seen. I had seen it that morning while going to take bath. But after bath i did not bother to carry it with me because I thought I would collect it as soon as I am back from the morning walk.

The plan was to go for a walk with Zalina. But Zalina was late by ten minutes and by then Sundar and Gopal Guru asked me if I wanted to join them for a walk. It was an offer which I could not reject. I went for a walk and was high over spoken words. In that intoxicated state of mind i had forgotten to go back to the room and directly went to the seminar hall, after the walk.

When I returned to the room, my wallet and small diary was missing! I checked inside the folded blanket to check if I had rolled it inside, in my absence of mind and also checked it inside my bag. No, my wallet was not to be found anywhere. I checked under the bed, under the cot and where not. But could find nowhere. I got worried. Not much about the ATM card because I literally have no money in my account. The diary had important contacts. And my wallet had the cash required to reach back home. Apart from that it also had two important sheets of paper. One a poem by Prashith in his own handwriting and a poem of Ahmed Faraaz in Faizan’s handwriting on which Faizan also has a small personal note for me.

I immediately rushed to the office and informed them that my wallet and diary was missing. They too got worried because I was their guest. They immediately took me to the room and asked me to show where I had kept my belongings. They asked me several questions like, “When did you last see it?” and similar ones. The room boy was called for. But the information came that he wasn’t around. Another boy was sent in search of the room boy. By the time he could go search for the room boy, the office people and I went around a bit in search of the room boy. He wasn’t found anywhere. When going in search of him Neha alias Koosu kept asking me, if I wanted tea. I was worried and just kept avoiding her. I badly wanted tea at that point but couldn’t think of it as I was more in need of my wallet and my diary.

After a while the room boy came. He directly entered the room, when I was standing near the door. I walked in soon after he did. Pointing at the exact position where I had kept the wallet and the diary he asked, “You had kept it here, isn’t it?” I said, “Yes” feeling a bit relaxed because by the way he asked, I was a bit sure that he knew where it was. “The man who brings hot water for you saw it lying over here like an orphan, so he informed about it to Mukund Sir and handed it over to him fearing that someone might just walk away with it. It is with Mukund Sir.” I felt relieved. At the same time I felt ashamed of my irresponsible behavior. The room boy left the room saying, “Be careful Sir.”

I went in search of Mukund Sir. I was sharing the room with Mukund Sir, his son – one of my dearest friends- Prateek Mukund and Karthikey. Mukund Sir was having tea when I met him near the tea stall. He had seen me running around and had kept quite making me learn a lesson the hard way. When i went and said, “Sir….” he asked, “Have you realized you mistake?” and I held my ears, to say, through gesture, that I had made a mistake and was ashamed of myself. Taking my wallet and diary from his pocket, he said, “See if you had lost the wallet it would surely have been a loss. But not a big loss when compared to the loss of faith on human beings around you which the missing of wallet would have brought in you,” and asked, “Dint you start suspecting people around when you realized that your wallet was missing?” I put my head down, in great shame. “See, that is a much bigger loss,” he said while handing over my wallet and diary to me and added, “be careful here after.”

Yes, if the wallet went missing what I would have lost is not just the wallet, but also trust on human beings around… What a loss it would have been. More importantly there would have been a greater loss that of someone else (in all probabilities the room boy) being held responsible for the missing of the wallet calling it his irresponsibility, when the act of irresponsibility was mine!!!

My wallet was lost… I found it… Along with it i also found a new teacher in Mukund Sir… and a new realization and new wisdom…

13 October 2010

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