Manchahey by Imroz

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 PMNov (Literature, Media, Poetry, Slice Of Life)

Readers, usually, are interested about the lives of the writers and artists whom they read, watch, listen and admire. Out of my great love and admiration for Sahir Ludhianvi I, some years ago, started to dig out materials about his love story with Amrita Pritam.

In his poems I did search for the Amrita Pritam influence. But never could i be sure that the poems I suspected to have the touch of Amrita did really have her influence. This search took me to Rasidi Ticket, the autobiography of Amrita Pritam. There i discovered not just the love of Amrita Pritam for Sahir but also the love of Imroz for Amrita Pritam.

Amrita records in her autobiography about an incidence where Imroz is designing the cover page for Sahir’s book ‘Aao Koi Khwaab Buney” and he exclaims, in front of Amrita, “He speaks of knitting dreams why can’t he speak of becoming a dream?” She also says that Imroz accepted her with the knowledge of her failed love with Sahir. She says, “Imroz considered my failure as his failure.”

When Amrita Pritam died in the year 2005 I remember Imroz saying, “Usne Jism Choda Hai Saath Nahi.” I had liked the expression but i guess it was only recently that i understood what he meant. I was unaware of the fact that Imroz turned poet after the death of Amrita. On 24 July 2010 I chanced on the collection of poems penned by Imroz. Most of them on and for Amrita. Here I am sharing one poem from that collection which speaks of the Sahir-Amrita-Imroz love.

Amrita Mujhey Kaiee Naamo Se
Bulaatee Hai

Dosti Ke Zamaaney Mein
Radio Station Scooter Pe Jaati
Wah Baaye Haath Se Mujhey Lipatee Rehatee
Aur Daaye Haath Se Kabhee-Kabhee
Meri Peet Per Kuch Likhatee Rehatee
Ek Din Pataa Lagaa
Wah ‘Sahir-Sahir’ Likhatee Hai…

Manchaahee Peet Per Manchaahaa Naam
Mujhey Sahir Bhi Apna Naam Hee Lagaa

Amrita Ki Dosti Mein
Itanaa Apnatv Dekha Aur Jee
Ki Koi Begaangee Rahee Hee Naa…

Uski Kalam
Jab Bhee Likhatee Manchaaha Hee Likhatee
Aur Uski Zindagee
Manchaahaa Hee Jeeti Apne Aap Ke Saath Bhi
Aur Apne Manchaahey Ke Saath Bhi…

– Imroz

02 August 2010

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