Mumbai For Maharashtrians. Delhi For? India For?

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 PMNov (Friends, Media, Musings, Slice Of Life)

We got into the auto near India Gate and the auto driver drove towards Rashtrapathi Bhawan. Our guests wanted to have a closer look at the Rashtrapathi Bhawan. Taking a closer look the auto was to move towards Jantar Mantar. Looking at our desire to watch Rashtrapathi Bhawan and to go to Jantar Mantar gave the auto driver a hint that we were outsiders and not from Delhi. He asked us where were we from? “One from Andhra, one from Karnataka and one from Bihaar” we answered. Revealing his Bihaari identity he asked us how we found Delhi. “Hot,” we said and added, “Living here is difficult.”

The statement, “living here is difficult,” made him speak about the difficulties of living in Delhi. His major difficulty was to cope up with the price rise. He gave a list of groceries and other materials of daily use and said what were the price rates earlier and what are they now.

The chief minister of Delhi recently made a statement saying “Delhi people have enough money and can afford high electricity price,” which was condemned by the opposition parties. I recollected this statement of Sheila Dixith and the auto driver asked, “Did she say so?” After quite a long pause the auto driver said, “What she said is partially correct. Delhi people have money,” and put forth the question, “But what about migrants?” He went further to say, “Many laborers in Delhi are from Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar and other states. They are not rich. But help Delhi become richer. How are they to survive in Delhi with this sort of price rice? What are we all supposed to eat? Having proper two meals in a day is becoming difficult.”

Sometime ago the chief minister of Delhi had made a statement saying that autos were not a good means of transport and that Delhi would want a better means of transport. Saying so she made a promise to scrap auto rickshaws from Delhi. As it is known to all, most of the auto drivers in Delhi are migrants.

The rising price and the promises being made for a “better” Delhi are these all an indicator to the “Delhi only for Delhites” attitude of the Congress government, similar to the “Mumbai only for Maharashtrians,” approach of Shiv Sena and similar organizations operating in Mumbai? As I wan wondering if it was so, the auto driver’s voice broke and broke my thoughts. “This country will develop and reach great heights when Narendra Modi will become the prime minister of this country. He is a visionary.” I wanted to open my mouth but Jeetenadar held my hand tightly indicating, “Don’t say anything.” I swallowed my words which were, “If he becomes the Prime Minister, this country will be only for those who subscribe to Hindutva agenda.” The attitude of Sangh Parivar and its sibling organization has always been, “India for Hindutvas,” which is similar to the announed “Mumbai for Maharashtrians only,” approach and the unannounced “Delhi for Delhites” only approach.

04 May 2010

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