On Creativity

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Cinema, Literature, Media, Musings, Poetry)

How does an idea flow into the mind? Which is the birth point of creativity? This is a question which I always ask myself and ponder over it. I still don’t know the birthplace of creativity, but I attempt to bring in three similar examples, without theorizing anything, to find out creative source.


P.Lankesh is one of the most celebrated literary figures in Kannada literature who also happens to be a noted journalist and a filmmaker.

In the preface written to a novel of his AKKA, he suggests the inspiration behind the novel. He says that while covering the 1982 Legislative Assembly elections he found a boy in a slum near Lal Bagh in Bangalore who was shedding tears with his head put down which rested on the knee of his folded leg. When asked why he was crying, the boy told Lankesh “Akka naak dinadinda manege bandilla” (My sister hasn’t come home from four days). Narrating this incident Lankesh says that the story of the novel AKKA is the story of that boy. But as people say, it’s the story penned by Lankesh drawing inspiration from incident that he narrates.


Ritwik Ghatak in an interview giving to Chitrapat, speaking of his masterpiece Meghey Dhaka Tara says:


“A girl, a very ordinary girl, tired after her day’s work, waits often near my house at the bus stop or tram stop, a lot of papers and a bag in her hand. Her hair forms a halo around her head and face, some clinging to her face because of perspiration. I discover a history from the subtle lines of pain on her face. My imagination reaches out to the most ordinary, yet unforgettable drama in her strong, firm and determined, yet soft, touching and infinitely patient life”


When I read the preface of Lankesh it suddenly reminded me of the interview of Ghatak and I could see the sparkling similarity between the both. Lankesh and Ghatak chanced upon a very normal incident of life but through this small incident they could see a life a world which is untold. Their imagination takes wings and takes them to a world which is beyond the surface. A passing ship kind of moment triggers their imagination and brings out a creative art from them. The sensitivity of the artist also has an important role to play in the creation of the art. This observing and seeing through the surface with sensitivity and allowing imaginations to fly, is one of the source of creativity, it appears to me. I can’t theorize things. But this is what my observations makes me think and feel.


In The Bread
I Look
Beyond The Form
I Like Bread, I Bite It
And Then
I See The Wheat,
The New Wheat Fields
The Green Form Of Spring
The Roots, Water
And So
Beyond The Bread
I See The Land
And Thus I Taste Everything
Looking For You
In Everything.

Pablo Neruda

11 July 2008

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