On Love That Is Beyond My Understanding

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Friends, Literature, Media, Musings, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)

I was having my late lunch at the Taluk Office canteen and my cel vibrated. “My kitten died this morning” read the message by Madhura. I dint know how to react! Usually one knows not how to react to the news of death, for no words can comfort. I couldnt react not just because it was the news of death but because i have never been able to undderstand the attachment people have towards animals.

Madhura always spoke about her dog and her kitten very afectionately and i wondered as to how can someone like animals! One day a snake of some family came close to her kitten and Madura though scared that te snake would do something to her kitten, she took snaps of the snake and told me how cute the snake was! This love for animals is something which i have failed always to understand.

My dislike for animals is after the incident that took place while i was in class three. A dog chased me and i ran for my life! Since then i have been scared of dogs and other animals also. The fear being turned into dislike is common to human psychology, i feel.

Apart from this, being born in a family which never had a pet, i have never been in an animal friendly environ. This also, i feel, has a role in shaping my dislike for animals. Off late my dislike for animals has been nurtured by the mishap that took recently. My dear Daadi Ma (Deepanshi Tandon) was bitten by a dog badly and she couldnt walk for nearly two weeks. How horrible! Dirty dog!

Animals are so much a part of lives for so many, in this world! Once my student friend Dhiraj was saying that his grandfather’s eyes swelled with tears only twice, once when he lost his mother and the second time when his buffalloe died. I can understand such attachment but i cant feel it. For a person who is in the field of agriculture cow, buffalloe, dogs all are an integrate part of there lives. So much that in the novel Malegalalli Madumagalu of Ku.Vem.Pu set in the malnad region of Karnataka, the name of the dog is attached to the name of the protagonist and his name is attached to the name of the dog! Even Dyavanooru Mahadeva’s novel Odalaala shows how attached the protagonist Sakavva is to her rooster.

Mukund is another friend of mine who loves animals a lot. Five years ago, one day he came to my house wiping tears. When asked him what happened he told me that some dog had “murdered” his cat! I was surprised then because just a week ago then one of our friend had passed away and that day when i was broke completely, Mukund was consoling me being very strong then. But the “murder” of his cat shook his ground.

Once when asked Mukund about his love for animals he had told me “its better to love animals than loving human beings. Animals are faithful not human beings. They are lovable and not human beings” I dont know if its true!  I fail to ‘feel’ the same way, so i fail to understand. May be it is true. I dont know.

Once Aravind had given me a cassette to listen. It was a discourse based on the celebrated work of Kannada Mankutimmana Kagga. The one giving the discourse at one point says “If you see a tiger coming towards you, you will know what it can do to you. If its a dog, even then you will know as to what it is capable of doing. But if a man comes you never know what he can do for he is capable of doing anything”

Sounds true at times. But still i am unable to understand the love of human beings for animals. I just cant love animals. I love human beings and this is what Mukund warned me always.

Off late witnessing many a betrayals and my encounter with many a ungrateful people i am losing my ability to love people also. But even at this point i am unable to love animals and understand the love of people for animals.

Recently i read an article in The Hindu by a non-resident Pakistani who says hating India for him is like hating his past. Now disliking animals must also be like disliking the past of human civilization, isnt it? We too belonged one ‘brand’ of animals. So does that mean i dislike human-beings too? I dont know!

21 December 2008

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