One Fine Day

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Friends, Media, Musings, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)

We took a left turn from the National highway and stated moving into the interior parts. We were going to Harady, where our good friend Dr.P.V.Bhandary’s led A.V.Baliga School for Social Work and Rural Development was to be inaugurated.

We were out of the mishmash of noise, vehicles and modernization to a large extent. As we moved ahead for some meters, it started drizzling and we stopped near a small shop. We ordered for a cup of tea and the drizzling stopped before the tea arrived on our table. We waited for the tea looking out at the sky. As we waited for the tea, we saw a bunch of sparrows on the electric wire that passed in front of the shop where we sat. Rajesh said “I hardly get to see any sparrows these days in Udupi”. I said “it has been long since I have seen any in Manipal”. “They are dying because of Mobile phones,” said Rajesh and I said that I had read an article, which said so in Hosathu (a leading Kannada magazine). And thus we started discussing about the ill effects of mobile phones. I told Rajesh how I had the phone numbers of all my good friends on the tip of my tongue, till I owned a mobile phone. He said how he had noticed people message, by using short forms in order to stuff the content in one SMS page. As we drove ahead we had Neil Postman accompanying us. We admired his insights and his viewpoints. We discussed nothing new, but yes, we discussed something, which was an issue to be discussed.

After the inauguration and before lunch, we took a round around the institute and again we spoke about how modernization and synonyms would spoil that beautiful place someday in future, when the sparrows and greenery in Harady would also vanish like it has almost vanished in Udupi and Manipal.

We had lunch and came back to Manipal. Rajesh dropped me at Tiger Circle and drove his two-wheeler towards Udupi. I must have walked 20 steps towards my college from TC when my mobile phone rang. It was Rajesh. I picked up the phone and he said “come, my vehicle has got punctured. I went to him and we decided to take the vehicle for puncturing. As we pushed the vehicle towards the repair shop Rajesh said- “now, I am thinking, what would have I done, if mobile phone were not to be there. I couldn’t have contacted you and I know no repair shop in Manipal” and we laughed (at ourselves)

10 June 2008

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