Same Intentions

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Letter, Literature, Media, Musings, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)


This morning in a press conference i came face to face with Na. Subramanya Raju, the State President of Akhila Bharath Hindu Mahasabha. Condemning the arrest of Sadhvi and saying no Hindu can become a terrorist he said “If Hindus will indulge in terrorist activities then their terrorist activities will be in Pakistan” Later on when asked how morally and ethically correct it was to make such statements while combating terrorism in the country he said “We never attack anyone at the first place but when someone attacks us we are not going to sit silently”. This reminded me of a short story of Asghar Wajahat which i had read long ago and had forgotten it. Thanks to Subramanya Raju, the story surfaced again in my mind. I would like to share the story with you all. The story goes like this:


Hariram: Gurudev, is Pakistan our enemy?

Gurudev: Yes, child, it is our enemy.

Hariram: What does Pakistan want?

Gurudev: It wants to destroy us.

Hariram: And what do we want?

Gurudev: We want to destroy Pakistan.

Hariram: Then we are friends, not enemies.

Gurudev: How Hariram?

Hariram: We have the same intentions.


Samvartha ‘Sahil’

26 November 2008

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