“Shoot Me”

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Friends, Literature, Media, Musings, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)

I pulled a chair and sat in the corner of the Edit Lab and started conversing with Kushal Sir who was already sitting there. After a while Sunil Sir also joined us with his bottle of water. We were in Xaviers College Mapusa, Goa conducting a workshop on TV Production and Film Appreciation. The students were editing the footage that they had shot that morning.A girl gets up, as everyone is editing, and focuses her camera (still) on a bunch of students who were editing. And as one can expect all of them took their hands from the editing suite and posed for the snap. The head-phone was removed, some combed their hair, and they wiped their faces and posed for a snap. Once the photo was clicked they asked the photographer to show them how they have appeared and went back to their work, some happy some sad with the snap.


When we were on our way to Goa, Sunil Sir was clicking snaps, from the train. In a station, when the train stopped, Sir started clicking the snap of a truck driver who was sitting in the static truck. The driver was unaware initially but by the time Sir clicked the second snap he was aware and so was the cleaner of the truck who was sitting on the opposite side, which was not within the frame, which he realized. Soon he got down from the truck and stood in front of the truck, leaning to the truck and said, in a non-verbal language, “Click my snap”. He posed in ways in which he wanted his snap to be clicked. Topless he stood, with a pleasant smile of his face.


In the year 2004, friend Rajesh and I went out for photography. We, in Bangalore, went to Shivaji Nagar’s Russell Market and clicked many a photographs. We took a bus to Majestic and in Majestic on one of the flyover we saw a blind man with huge black glasses on his face, wearing a small lungi, smoking a cigarette. His style of smoking had a charm. Rajesh stopped and asked the man if he could be clicked. Finding out Rajesh’s position by listening to his voice the blind man turned to Rajesh and said “yes” throwing the cigarette that he had in his hand. As Rajesh and I looked at each other with a sigh for the lost cigarette which was adding charm to his posture, the blind man sitting on the flyover winded the dirt from his shirt and was getting ready to pose for the photograph. A strange feeling passed me at that moment looking at a blind man getting so excited and prepared to pose for a photograph which he will never get to see!!!


This is something which I have been noticing since childhood. Everyone (with some exceptions) wants to be clicked. I clicked myself last night.

What is this desire to be captured and viewing oneself in a photograph? Is it a slice of Narcissism? I am unable to decode.


That is how a man is. He cannot love without self-love.

Albert Camus.

14 July 2008

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