The Sun Sets And My Day Begins

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Media, Slice Of Life)

I had totally forgotten about this script i wrote for a radio assignment in the year 2006. I was very proud of this script then but somehow had misplaced it. From nowhere i stumble on a copy of the script today and feel like sharing it with you all:

The sun sets and my day begins… yeah, i am unlike you. As birdds fly back to their nests, i get ready to fly from my nest… yeah, i am unlike you. As colours of the day get swallowed by the darkness of night, my body gets filled with colours… yeah, i am unlike you. As moon takes over the sky, i take over the streets… yeah i am unlike you. You wear clothes to cover your body, i wear them to reveak ny body, so that people get pulled and yes people come to me…. nay, they come to something that i have in me….. the beast enters the cave… but the next time they see me in daylight, they prefer to be a stranger.

Its midnight. Both the needles of the clock unite. So does my body unite with the body of a stranger. Soul repels from within. But who the hell cares for the soul? Six lettered ‘Hunger’ weighs more thgan four lettered ‘Soul.’ I am bothered only about meeting my needs and that of my children. ou tear my body into pieces thinking that you own it as you pay for it. I stitch my lips for i need the money you will be giving me…..

You look down upon me. You find it disgusting. But, that is my livelihood. You call me a prostitute and i call myself prostituted.

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