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“The great Kannada poet Ku.Vem.Pu crossed the Karnataka border only once in his lifetime when he visited the Ramakrishna Ashram in Dakshineshwara near Kolkata. Writing about this visit in his autobiography Nenapina Doniyalli he describes river Hoogly- a breakway tributary of river Ganga- as it appeared to him. He describes how polluted it was and how he happened to see a dead cow floating in the river sitting on which a crow was eating its flesh. He comments saying- even if a drop of water falls on me, i felt, i will catch an irremediable disease! Describing the scenario realistically the poet speaks about an unpublished poem of his which he wrote that night. In the poem Ku.Vem.Pu refers to Ganga as a holy river whose purity washes the sins of the mortals” Narrating this small part from the autobiography of Ku.Vem.Pu one of our finest minds G.Rajshekhar Sir drew our attention towards different kinds of truths. “What Ku.Vem.Pu describes initially is the physical Ganga which flows in India” he said “and the one on which he writes a poem is the mythical Ganga or Goddess Ganga”. Carrying forward his argument Sir said  ” There is a worldly (material) truth, there is an emotional truth, there is a mythical truth, there is a truth that we are exposed to, there is a truth which we wish to see and there is a truth which we are forced to see”. I was thrilled! but that night i realized that Sir had forgotten to mention about one truth, which i happened to learn from him itself.

Rajshekhar Sir, as i keep saying, is undoubtedly one of the finest minds of our times. He has been writing articles, essays and columns from decades now. If all his writings are complied together it will surely make an excellent record of our times. Once while talking to another fine mind K.Phaniraj Sir, i gave the idea of publishing the writings of Rajshekhar Sir in a book format to which Phaniraj Sir replied saying “He will not agree  to it. Once while mentioned to him he said- now i don’t stand by many of the things that i wrote those days. Those were the reactions to those days in those days. Today i don’t agree with what i wrote then and the stand i took then”

There is a truth of the time! What appears to be the truth today need not appear to be the truth tomorrow. With changed time not just life and our outlooks change but also the truth of the time!


“I would like to say to the diligent reader of my writings and to others who are interested in them that i am not at all concerned with appearing to be consistent. In my search after truth i have discarded many ideas and learnt many new things. Old as i am in age, i have no feeling that i have ceased to grow inwardly or that my growth will stop at the dissolution of the flesh. What i am concerned with is my readiness to obey the call of the truth, my God, from moment to moment, and, therefore when anybody finds any inconsistency between any two writings of mine, if he still has faith in my sanity, he would do well to choose the later of the two on the same subject”
– M.K.Gandhi (Harijan, 29 April 1933)

Gandhi too speaks, unconsciously, of the truth of the time which is bound to change with the time. Initially Gandhi said “God is truth” but later he changed it to “Truth is God” and very aptly his autobiography is titled My Experiments With Truth and not ‘The Findings of My Experiment With Truth’ being aware of the truth of time. Gandhi knew that no truth can be conclusive.


Lurcas always criticized Franz Kafka’s writing as unrealistic. When his country Hungary was attacked by the U.S.S.R, Lurcas had to  run for his life. Then he had to spend a night in a castle on a hill-top where he was afraid and then he said “Now i know that Kafka is realistic”


“I would never dies for my beliefs because I might be wrong”
– Bertrand Russell.

05 November 2008

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