Unheard Voices

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Musings, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)

Its a small house behind Cama Hospital in Mumbai. A sweeper of the hospital stayed there with his family. The day Taj was attacked by terrorist, one terrorist knocked at the door of this house and when the door was opened by the sweeper he was shot in front of his young son. Killing the sweeper the terrorist walked back very casually. The son who witnessed the murder of his father has lost his voice now and is unable  to speak- Said a friend of mine who is currently studying in Xaviers College which stands next to Cama Hospital.

This incident appears like a metaphor of the year 2008 to me, where the class which the sweepers son represents, has lost its voice witnessing the tragedies of life, the terrorist walks back fearlessly and casually after his mission is accomplished. A hospital near by, yet a life could not be save. A communication institute near by, yet no media covers this incident.

Oonche Imaraton Ne Ghar Mera Ghera Hai
Kuch Log Mere Hisse Ka Suraj Bhi Khaa Gaye
(Tall bulidings surround my small house,
Some people have consumed my share of sun-light)

– Javed Akthar.

Who will listen to this voicless India? Who will speak for this voiceless India? Who will help them get their share of sunlight? This is the challenge ahead of us and 2009.

Wish You A Happy New Year.

01 January 2009

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