Unvoiced Agonies

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Media, Musings, Poetry, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)

He introduced himself and said that his friend’s daughter was being forcibly sent out of the institute she is studying in. He asked me to accompany him to the institute. Asking him to wait for a while, i completed the report i was typing and sent it for editing. Then along with Steven i went to the institute, travelling around six kilometers on his bike.

There i met Anitha (name changed) who was holding the TC given to her in one hand and her mother’s hand in another hand. I ased Anitha why was she given the TC. “They say my conduct is bad” said Anitha. All of us walked into the chamber of the Vice-Priincipal, who, in the absence of the Principal had issued the TC to Anitha.

I asked the Principal why was Anitha being sent our forcibly and he said “Her conduct is bad” When asked to explain, though he refused initially saying “i can’t tell all those things”, he finally said “She messages boys, talks to them and goes for movies along with them” Controlling my laughter, i asked “What’s so blasphemmic about it?” and got yelled by him. He shouted “Are you questioning my authenticity? Look, i have been good to her. I haven’t written her conduct to be bad in her TC. If i were to write so, she will not get admission in any institute” and he asked Anitha to take admission in some other institute.

Realising that there is no point talking to him, we came out, asking when the Principal would be back in the institute. As we were walking out Anitha’s mother asked me if it was possible to get admission in some other institute and i said “We will check out” I asked Anitha, to file a complaint to the police and her mother refused saying “No no, it will harm her future. I dont want to complain and i dont want you to report it either” Though i did not understand the logic, i told myself taht the concern of Anitha’s mother for her was more than my concern, so i shut my mouth.


Venkatesh asked me as to how i knew “Nithya” I said that i dont know him. The he questioned me how i got to know about the issue and i told him that Ashokvardhan told me that a bike has been standing at Ideals workshop from the past two months and to find out the ‘story’ i visited the workshop and met Dinesh who told me that after one year of married life Nithya had tried to escape from his wife and his wife with the help of the police has held the bike thinking that Nithya can be ‘caught’ when he comes to release the bike.

Venkatesh called Sulekha (name changed) and said that a reporter from The Hindu named Samvartha had come. Taking my number from Venkatesh, Sulekha called me, immediately. The first question she asked me was if i knew her husband. I said “i dont” The she narrated the story of she falling in love with Nithya, getting married to him, without the knowledge of his parents, one yearr’s life as husband and wife and him running away one fine day. In her shivering voice then she asled me how could i help her. “I will write about it in the newspaper. Thats what i can do within my limitataions” i said and added to it saying “Only if you permit” “No sir, i dont want my story to come in the newspaper. All i want his Nithya coming back to me” What was there for me to speak? I said that i shall not file any report but would help her in my own limits.


Few days ago, a good friend of mine sent me a message saing how many women is raped in a day in this country adn how many are killed and more. And i told myself: Many more dont get into the records, for they remain unvoiced.


Too Many Women
In Too Many Countries
Speak The Same Language
Of Silence
– Anasuya Sengupta.

03 February 2009

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