Words Are So Futile, So Feeble!!!

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 AMNov (Cinema, Literature, Musings, Slice Of Life)

“Words are so futile; so feeble”

These words uttered by Chaplin while recieving the Oscar is what came to my mind when i heard that the saffron brigade stopped the installation of a Chaplin statue at Otthinenne in Byndoor saying “Chaplin is a christian and he has no contribution to India.” I recollected his words saying words are futile and feeble because any expression would seem inadequate to condemn this cultural-intellectual retardness of the saffron brigade.

When Anand (Patwardhan) Bhai had come to Manipal i had plenty of questions for him. One of the questions i posed to Anand Bhai was “who is your favourite fiction film maker?” As Anand Bhai was finding for the right answer, i assumed that he would say Sergei Eisenstein for the revolutionary films he made. But Anand Bhai said “Chaplin” and i was not just surprised but also happy.

Sergei Eisenstein, is a master no doubt. But somewhere after reading his theories and watching his montage techniques, with all admiration one cant help but feel that “monatge is also a rhetoric in the films of Eisentein” Its this rhetorical nature of Montage, i thought, made Anand Bhai keep aside Eisentein aside and say Chaplin is his favourite fiction filmmaker.

Chaplin’s films do not instigate the audience but slows them down and makes them introspect and think. And true art is the one which slows you down, according to Ananthamurthy Sir. And art is something, which as all sane people know, transcends all the boundaries, leave alone religion. And when somebody attaches a true artist to a particular religion what else can be said other than cultural-intellectual retardness of those people?

Chaplin once was chased away from America for being a communist and today the establishing of his statue is being stopped becuase he is a Christian and the truth is that he was neither a communist nor a christian but a true common man and a true slumdog and as Kum. Verbhadrappa (author of the book Charli Chaplin Jeevana Charitre in Kannada) said establishing a statue of Chaplin would have been the highest respect shown to the common men of the world. The word ‘WORLD’ used by Kum. Veerabhadrappa silently says that Chaplin belongs to the entire world and is a universal man.

This universal man was nothing but a laughing material to us during our childhood. But when we grew we realized that he was a master who could laugh at the world and yet not dilute the serousness of the issues of the world. I have lost a count as to how many times i have watched his MODERN TIMES.

The movie MODERN TIMES did have an influence of Gandhian thoughts and the film did have an influence of the tryst of Gandhi and Chaplin. Ideas and thoughts have no national barriers and smilarly inspiration also has no barriers.

While Gandhi and Chaplin met, its told that Gandhi asked Chaplin if he would like to see their prayer demonstration. But realizing that there is no space Chaplin said “there is no room for you.” Gandhi said as a reply “you sit on the sofa and we will sit on the floor.” Recollecting this incident Chaplin writes “Gandhi and his men did not feel embarassed to sit on the floor in front of me but i literally felt embarassed to sit on the sofa and look down upon Gandhi and his colleagues.”

With so much of respect for Gandhi i dont know how Chaplin reacted when Gandhi was assasinated by the saffron brigade. But when i hear that saffron brigade has stopped the installation of the statue of Gandhi in Byndoor failing to find the right words to condemn and criticise the incident and the cultural-intellectual retarded saffron brigade, feeling that any expression would seem inadequate i take shelter in the words of Chaplin saying WORDS ARE SO FUTILE, SO FEEBLE!!!

15 March 2009

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