Yamuna [Live]

November 3, 2010 at 9:15 PMNov (Media, Musings, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)

All Characters, incidents mentioned here are aboslutely non-fictional (if ToI has reported the truth) and any resemblance to anything living or dead is purely intentional.


Scene one:

Residents clung to trees. In the distance all one can is rooftops going under water.


Scence two:

Matorna looks on helplessly as a large wooden trunk floats far away with her belongings. Young Mithlesh jumps into the water to save the box. He swims in the high current against the pressure of wind. He manages to reach the trunk and pushes it against the wind before a rescue boat reaches him just in time. People watched with bated breath.


Scene three:

A boat reaches the embankment and unloads men women and children.


Scene four:

The traffic movement is slow as commuters stop to take snaps of the river. Some even decide to park and take a break along the waterfront.


Secene five:

The weekend crowd flocks to the banks to see a sight it is not accustomed to. Icrea-cream and chaat stalls apear. The owners seemed happy as visitors left only after a mouthful of golgappas and spicy chaat.

Families step close to the water to feel the clean Yamuna for a change. A 21 year old Deepak gets drowned while he watches the river.


Scene six:

Water has entered the creamtorium. Grieving relatives pray for the water to recede.


Secene seven:

Jaspal Singh (35), a businessman from west Delhi tells the media, “Yamuna is considered a dead river. We hardly get to see water in it. This is a rare sight we did not want to miss. I saw the water levels on TV and came out, along with my wife and children, to savour the moment.”

Anjali, who was moved to the bank from a submerged area told the media: “Water never reaches this kind of a level. Even though the water started rising on Friday night most residents stayed put thinking it would soon recede. But panic struck the settlement around midnight when the farms were knee-deep in water. On Saturday everything was submereged.”

Sandeep Arora, a student said, “It is beautiful to see the river flow like this. Otherwise it is more or less just a filthy drain. I feel sorry for those who live on the banks of the river; but they should have been more careful.”


[Note: These incidents were reported byTimes of India, New Delhi on 12 Septmeber 2010. I just selected these incidents from different reports from the newspaper and knitted them together in this structure.]


Prayer: Yamune, ellara mele irali karune…

12 September 2010

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