Writing Again To The Unborn Daughter…

February 21, 2011 at 9:15 AMFeb (Activism, Media, Musings, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)


I am writing to you, dear unborn daughter, after almost two and a half years. In my previous letter I spoke to you about the attacks on Christian worship places. I remembered you and the letter I wrote to you recently when the Justice Somashekhara Commission in its report said that the BJP Government and the Sangh Parivar had no role to play in the attacks.

Yes, that is what the commission report said, while it accepted that there were attacks but said, there were no enough evidence to say that the Sangh Parivar and the Government were behind the attacks. This happens in spite of the then Bajang Dal leader Mahendra Kumar giving an open media statement about their role in the attacks.

When the news channels started broadcasting about the Somashekhara Commission submitting its report, I was shocked. Many said, “We expected this.” May be even I did know the fate of it but still I had hoped that it wouldn’t be so. Hope… (may peace be on her). That day I texted my teacher saying, “Sir, today I feel like going back to all my teachers and to my parents and ask why I was taught that truth triumphs, why was I taught and made to believe that there is something called justice in this world. Ayodhya verdict, Binayak Sen case, and this… Cynicism is not what you taught me but it has come to this finally.

The Ayodhya verdict was a disappointment. I heard people say that the verdict was a good one because it upheld peace. What about justice? Even then I had hoped (may peace be on her) that there would be justice. To hope is to be suicidal, I will never understand.  Months after this we get to know that Binayak Sen gets life imprisonment, without any proper evidence as such. Protests all over the world and still nobody listens to any sane voice. We all did hope (may peace be on her) that the High Court would lift the life imprisonment. That too did not happen. Then the Justice Somashekhara Commission came with its report…

A week ago we held a protest in Udupi against the report of Commission. Yesterday there was a massive protest in Mangalore. I was overwhelmed by such large participation. But as a born cynic, I just recollected what Ashish Ketan wrote in Tehelka, “there is a certain fatigue in chasing the idea of justice. Tired of the fighting, the human spirit strains to move on. As the years pass, those who champion others’ causes begin to seem motivated rather than dogged. Why wont they let bygones be bygones, people wonder. Why will they not let everyone retreat into the heaven of “normalcy”? Why have they made this their agenda?” Ashish Ketan wrote this when he wrote about the 600 page Godhra SIT report, which again found Narendra Modi- the architect of 2002 gujrat riots- guilty yet drew a different conclusion.

Tomorrow on the 22 of Feb 2011, the court will pronounce its verdict on the Godhra train carnage which triggered the 2002 Gujrat violence.

It is into this world of injustice that you will be arriving, someday when the situation, in all possibilities, would be even bad. Forgive me, if I ever bring you to this world.

In harmony,

Samvartha ‘Sahil’


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