Once Upon A Time On Facebook

December 9, 2011 at 9:15 PMDec (Media, Musings, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)

A friend had requested the owners of the Facebook group- ‘Good Indian Girls’ to disable chat. She did complain more than once. But I guess when FB doesn’t provide the option to disable chat and hence chat remains unblocked. I really did wish that it was disabled because a couple of times I witnessed that some random guys, who have joined the group, would come on chat and try their luck to ‘flirt’ with some girls. It was quite irritating. So I did stand with my friend in her request to disable the chat.

Few days ago something on the same lines happened. Some guy started saying “hello” and after a while on seeing no response from anyone he took the name of one girl from the FB group who was also online and asked how she was doing. The girl asked him who he was. He introduced himself and without taking time to breathe said, “Nice DP. Where are you from? I am an Engineer” The girl did not respond for, I guess, she did not find the guys intentions correct or may be she felt weird to speak to a stranger, in the illusive presence of many strangers like me who were also online. He kept asking where she went… And she just did not respond, though she was seen online…

His repeated enquiry popping up on my page made me angry while I was trying to find a link that a friend had posted. “Mr… How is my DP? Is it also nice?” I asked. I was being sarcastic. He responded very normally to say- Good but common. I was taken aback by his normal tone for I thought he would say something like, “Mind your own business, while I am.” Then immediately he asked me who ‘A.N.’ was! I was shocked. How does he know A.N.? I realized he had visited my profile and scanned through the photos of my friends. I was angered by this. I asked him, “Man, how desperate can you be?” I thought this would begin a fight between the two of us. But again, very normally he replied. He said, “I am not desperate. I am lonely. I want someone to talk to. So I was trying to make new friends.” I was again taken aback by his gentle tone! Had he been of the flirting kind, probably he would get angry with my intervention plus he wouldn’t have cared to reply gently.

In all possibilities he must be lonely and must be looking for a companion and a friend to whom he can talk, I thought to myself. One thing about the social networking sites is that it gives a feeling of presence, though an illusive presence, which gives a sort of comfort that there is someone present. However stupid and foolish one would brand it the mere presence of an illusive presence is enough for a lonely person than the vacuum of loneliness. As man would desire nothingness than desire nothing at all, one would desire an illusive presence than complete absence, complete vacuum, complete loneliness. I wouldn’t dismiss this aspect and nature of facebook which provides some level of comfort though the illusive presence.

I felt bad for having suspected him to be a desperate fellow trying his luck with unknown girls… I felt bad for having suspected of his intentions… I logged off… I logged of not knowing what to do.

But something happened just before I logged off… He said, while I decided to log out, “I am a ghazal singer”… The cursor had moved to the right top, to log off… But it came down… I said, “I am a ghazal writer” and logged off…


  1. malathi S said,

    hmmm Dear Samvarth!!
    u beat me to it. i was about to write something on these lines in my blog too.
    I had two friends who were totally depressed…on a whim i asked them to join FB and they are quite enjoying themselves..But sometimes in my quiet moments i feel ‘have i done the right thing?’

  2. faizan patel said,

    Neat work. You never fail to disappoint me! 🙂

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