Formalities Begin When Attachment Ends

May 9, 2012 at 9:15 PMMay (Friends, Musings, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)

Birthday feels good for one self-centric reason that one gets a little more of affection from dear ones. Some years ago it was a matter restricted only to dear ones when dear ones would remember the date of birth and wish. But now thanks to social networking sites and their reminders. Everyone in the network wishes and one can’t help but wonder if the person wishing really remembered the date or was reminded by the social networking site.

This year on my birthday something even the more stranger happened. I received calls, to my shock, from friends of the past. Friends for whom I just don’t matter now. Friends who chose to walk their way without caring for this once upon a time friend. These friends, who at a particular turn of life chose to leave me behind for I was not required any more, wished me on my birthday. Undoubtedly the social networking site reminded them. But even if reminded by social networking why did they choose to wish me, I wondered. What respect would the birthday wish get from me when the entire year the so called friend just did not care to know if I was alive or not!

When asked, one friend, answered me saying, “I think everyone should be wished good on their birthday.” When said that wishes should be a felt thing and not a thought of thing the friend said, “All I know is that everyone deserves to be wished good on their birthday.” I told my friend that the wish was of no use when the wishing person did not care for the entire year, to which the friend said nothing. Was it some sort of sin cleansing?- I asked myself. I don’t know. But it did appear more like a formality than anything because a real friend would not want a day to speak, to wish, to pray, to express the perpetually present affection. Formalities begin when attachment ends.

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  1. Scribblenibbles said,

    I think you should just take it in the ride dear…. After all it was a wish… not a curse…. positive things should be well accepted just for them being positive…For if that friend didn’t care at all then wouldn’t call you on your birthday too na…And losing touch with people happens when both the parties involved stop contacting each other… 🙂 So be happy that so many people care you are around somewhere 🙂 and are well thought of 🙂 🙂

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