Fear In Her Eyes

November 18, 2012 at 9:15 PMNov (Friends, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)

Late in the night we enter the compound. Next to the appartment we have to go another appartment is being constructed within the same compound. Its on the edge of the town on a small hill. From there the view, especially in the night, is amazing as the neighbouring town appears like a reflection of the sky and stars because of the innumerable lights of the town. To take a glipmse of it we move to the edge of the compound, slightly far from the appartment we want to go and close to the appartment being constructed. I climb on a heap of jelly stones to catch a better glimpse and my climbing disturbs the silence. I slip, slightly. My two friends turn back and say, “careful”.

As I try and regain my balance my eyes go to my right, inside the half built new appartment, and I see a girl in her late teens waking up, in fear and looking at us fearfully. I realize she is one of the construction workers who sleeps at the site of construction. Next to her is her brother- I guess- who is in deep sleep. The sound of the jelly stone doesnt wake him up. But wakes her up. She shifts her view and sees two more men next to me. The fear in her eyes is unexplainable. Her look screams silence. Suspicion nested in her eyes. She slowly gets up holding the faded balnket tightly she walks into the darkness, away from our visibility.

Those fearful eyes still haunts me. I still havent been able to regain my balance completely.

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