Praying To The Door!

July 7, 2013 at 9:15 AMJul (Friends, Musings, Slice Of Life)

Due to some issues with hostel accommodation Mr. K a second year acting student was still in the new hostel meant for the first year student. Two other students from the first year moved in. One a student of TV direction Mr. S and the second one a first year acting student Mr. SS.

Ritualistically I used to have dinner with Mr. K during weekends when the mess is closed. One day Mr. S also joined us. Here is an overheard conversation:

Mr. S asked Mr. K, “Why do you pray to the door every morning? Is it to the door or is it towards the east to the rising sun? Do all actors do the same thing?”

Mr. K: “To the door? What are you saying?”

Mr. S: “Yeah you pray looking at the door. Or is it to the rising sun?”

Mr. K: “I had a photo of Lord Ganesha behind the door and I used to offer my prayers to the photo. The photo came off one day but I continued to offer my prayers to the same place where once the photo used to be. I still continue to do the same. It is neither to the door nor to the rising sun.”

Mr. S: “Oh. I thought it was some actor’s ritual because even Mr. SS, seeing you, started offering his prayers in the morning facing the door. I thought he followed you because it was some tradition.”

Mr. K: “He started doing so because I do?”

Mr. S: “Yeah. And hence I thought it was some ritual of actors to offer prayers to the door or to the rising sun.”

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  1. Prajna Shastry said,

    okay, it was actually Mr.S who copied Mr.K? 😛

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