Wounded Tiger

March 21, 2015 at 9:15 AMMar (Media, Musings, Slice Of Life)

Wahab Riaz’s spell on 20 March 2015 at Adeledie during the World Cup quarter finals against the host Australia and the things which lead to it is are expressions beyond the game and reflection of things beyond sports.

Shane Watson deserved the response he got.

Here is what lead to the fiery spell by Wahab:

Wahab Riaz had all the reasons to walk into the field furstrated as the batting line of Pakistan had collapsed in a crucial game of the tournmanet. As Wahab was struggling to make some scores, within his limits, Shane Watson from the slips asked, “Are you holding a bat?” What followed was even the more humiliating. Mitchell Starc walked two steps twoards Wahab after the latter had missed the ball while attempting to hit it and said, “Its the white thing. You have to hit it.”

When mockery in the name of sledging by a strong team in their homeland on a bowler when he is batting is nothing but display of arrogance and using humiliation as a tool to break the fighting spirit of the underdog.

What all the privileged and those who think mockery and humiliation of the underdog in their weak moments is fine and being just sporty need to know is that when the underdog plays like a “wounded tiger” it can become impossible to face them.

Words were answered by action.

Wahab when had the white thing in his hand, he had the game in his hand. Wahab was not just fighting for the world cup but also fighting for the self-respect of the underdog and also to create a dent in the arrogance of the superior who lacked the dignity of the superior.

Australia might have won, due to the flaws of Pakistan only, but what history will remember always is that one Watson had to literally bend repeatedly, in his homeland, while facing a Wahab after an unnecessary comment he made from a point of privilege.

Take a bow Wahab Riaz.

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