A Mysterious Death and Our Secret Fancies

March 23, 2015 at 9:15 AMMar (Media, Musings, Soliloquy)

When the news broke on 16 March about the mysterious death of the IAS officer D.K. Ravi in his Bangalore residence there was a sudden outburst of anger among the public as, to many, it appeared like a murder which the media also endorsed it.

The demand came from the public and the opposition to hand over the case to CBI and Karnataka state Government having a CID probe made the matter look very suspicious to the public belief that the able and courageous officer was murdered.

To the surprise and shock of the public the authorities stated the possibility of it being a suicide which angered the public and the opposition parties even the more. The last few messages sent by D.K. Ravi to a batch mate of his came out as a proof in support of the theory of it being a suicide caused by a sense of dejection in unrequited love.

These speculations of the mysterious death being suicide due to unrequited love made the public and the opposition go furious because according to them it was not just “misleading” but also an attempt to “tarnish the image” of an able and courageous officer who “was not a coward.”

It may or may not be a suicide. Similarly it may or may not be a murder. Only thorough investigation can reveal it and investigation should be conducted strictly for D.K. Ravi had taken on many strong and influential people though his final messages have another story to say.

But what is saddening to realize is that the dismissal of the possibility of suicide holds within itself a belief of suicide being an act of cowardice and feelings outside the institution of marriage immoral.

Dismissal is a defense mechanism.

Within the dismissal is also the desire to not just have a just and able person as our leader or role model but also a ‘courageous’ ‘strong’ person as the same. And also an expectation of conforming to a certain emotional and sexual behavior.

Suicide in the public perception is an act of cowardice and we don’t want our leaders our role models to be coward. They have to be strong. They have to be courageous. A person who has weaker side to his personality who can be vulnerable cannot be our role model our leader and worthy of our respect. Such people are unacceptable to us as leaders, role models.

The dismissal of the possibility of suicide is also a secret fancy for martyrdom which is a certain kind of heroic act. We fancy our heroes our role models being a super hero.

At the risk of stretching it too far I say: Deep down in our hearts somewhere we fancy a 56-inch chest leader!!!

The possibility of romantic feelings outside marriage not being digestible shows our want to control human emotions and also sexuality. We fancy a leader a role model who is a sincere loyal wife/husband. Monogamy, heterosexuality is a must. Bachelorhood even the better.

In the fear/ accusation of ‘am image’ being ‘tarnished’ and in the dismissal of a possibility [of it being suicide] our fancies and our ideals are being displayed. In that fancy smiles a bearded face with spectacles, even if the face is not ideologically in tune with that of many who are dismissing the possibility and fearing/ accusing of an image being tarnished.

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