Hanuman’s Thought

April 4, 2015 at 9:15 PMApr (Literature, Musings, Poetry, Soliloquy)

Some thoughts of an atheist on the occasion of Hanuma Jayanthi.

While returning from Lanka, after having set fire to Ravana’s empire, Hanuman stopped on a rock in the middle of the sea to immerse his fire-lit tail into the sea and extinguish the fire. At that point a question passed his mind: “What if the fire that I lit also consumes Seeta devi?”

We are living in troubled times and things around are burning. At such times we should be asking ourselves if/ how we are also party to this fire ? In this fire which is consuming everything are things that we love, respect, worship, adore also getting reduced to ashes?

Amidst our anger, war, revenge etc there are always a chance of us losing something precious, tender that belongs to us that is within us that which defines us too.

That for which we are battling only might get lost might get burnt in the fit of anger in the adrenaline rush for war for revenge.

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  1. nadi said,

    are we also party to this fire?


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