May 17, 2016 at 9:15 AMMay (Friends, Musings, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)

Under the yellow light the empty bottle kept spinning and stopping making one of us become the target of the next question. It was already 1:30 in the night when we started playing the game of ‘truth or dare’ eliminating the ‘dare’ and keeping it only to ‘truth’.

After one and a half hours of questioning each other some intriguing, some notorious, some naughty, some irritating, some silly questions we decided to call it a day. Our friend in whose house we had taken shelter went to her room closing the room behind her.

Lying on one side of the bed, not feeling sleepy, I asked my friend lying on the other side of the bed, “Can I ask you one final question answer me the truth,” to which she said, “Ask.” “Imagine,” I started after a slight pause and continued the question, “If tomorrow is your last day of life. What is it that you would want to do in that one day?” We had just one more day in the city and the question was posed just to figure out what my friend likes. She said, “Nothing. May be just sleep.” Then immediately she asked me what I would do if I had just one day in my hand. Thinking for a while I said, “Go kiss Gulzar’s hand. Apologize to this particular girl who has been wronged by me. Go to another girl and tell her that she, to me, is Urdu in flesh and blood.”

There was silence for a while which we broke by turning my answer into a joke. “Had Galeano been alive I would have gone to meet him. But he isnt alive. Had he been alive it would have been difficult since going to meet him and coming back to meet Gulzar and meeting these two girls would have been too hectic for one day.”

After a good laugh we went to sleep.

The following morning we decided to go for morning walk and as we started off I asked my friend, “What to do today?” “I dont know,” she said throwing the ball in my court. “Its so funny isnt it that we do not know what to do in our lives but we ask each other what we would like to do if we had only one day of life left,” I said and both of us laughed. “Then why did you have to give me that three point program for the last day of your life?” she asked and for the sake of answer I said, “Its the rule of the game. So I had to come up with an answer.”

Suddenly the answer uttered without much thought given and only in a playful manner made me feel that probably life itself should be seen in that fashion– we invent answers or things to do, because it is the rule of the game, and if we do not invent then the game (of life) becomes either boring or comes to an end. Its a totally different matter as to why the game (of life) exists at all and if there is a compulsion to play the game (of life). But knowing the game of ‘truth or dare’ in all its colour and shades one knows that the game can be made interesting provided one invests oneself in the game and starts playing it with the ones who matter.

It is like, I realize, what Galeano says about Utopia. He says Utopia is like horizon, it moves backward when you move forward and there is no chance of one reaching there. But the point of the horizon/ Utopia is to make us progress.

There must be a reason why the world and life is called a ‘leela’ or a game/ play.

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