A Separation

July 24, 2019 at 9:15 PMJul (Friends, Media, Musings, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)

A friend who recently visited Coonoor sent a photo from a graveyard there. A cemetery angel standing in the center of the frame. The cloudy sky had filtered the light to give it a melancholic touch.

Speaking about the cemetery angel, my friend said the eyes of the lady had been gauged and the wings of the idol had been vandalized. These destruction, my friend told me, made the angel look scarier than the graveyard itself.

Had my friend not pointed out, I wouldn’t have noticed the missing wings of the angel. But when my attention was drawn to it, in a flash of imagination I saw the angel getting her wings back and she flying back to where she came from. When the flash of imagination disappeared, before my eyes stood this angel without eyes, without wings.

May be if she had wings she would have flown away. But sadly, some angels are damned and tied to the earth. Probably she looks scarier than the graveyard because being separated from one’s world permanently- not by death but while still alive- is more deathly than death. Probably dying is easier and better than having one’s wings chopped off and being separated from one’s heaven. May be.


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  1. Sourabha Rao said,

    Oh, my God! Samvartha, this is such a succinct but hard-hitting piece of meditation. Thank you for writing. All I can say is that she is not alone, that angel. Together we are in brokenness. 🙂

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