Anxiously Anticipating The Darkest Times

February 4, 2020 at 9:15 AMFeb (Activism, Friends, Musings, Slice Of Life, Soliloquy)

The real dark times are yet to begin. The stage is set already, it appears to me.

We are at a point of history where we, as a country, have the highest number of youths in comparison to any other phase of Independent India’s history.

While it is overwhelming to see so many youths, especially students, hit the streets to resist and protest against CAA-NCR-NPR, it is unrealistic and too much of a romanticism to believe this mobilization, this resistance and protest will bear fruits.

On the 26th of Jan the Hyderabad edition of ToI had a public notice issued by the SBI which said the customers are expected to provide with the documents/ information they have listed which includes also “Letter issued by NPR.” The public notice also says, “Bank may be constrained to freeze accounts… if the above documents are not provided.”

NPR demands ones’ aadhaar, DL, ration card, passport and also bank details. Come April arm twisting begins and with Banks threatening to freeze accounts and the possibility of other institutes following the same steps will leave the masses singing “kaagaz nahi dikhaayengey,” mocked, ridiculed and also dismissed. How many, including me, would go on saying, “kaagaz nahi dikhaayengey” and for how long, when being arm twisted through freezing of bank accounts, cancellation of passport, struck off from the voters list etc.?

The chances of the Supreme Court giving a verdict against the CAA is unlikely. While it can be argued that even if the SC doesn’t uphold the constitution, the protests must continue, it is only right to ask sincerely as to how many among the mobilized will continue to fight even after being let down by the SC, given the fact that many among the protesters are first timers.

A large number of protesters have been youths and most of them are students and have come out on the streets for the first time to fight for a cause, which is certainly is a reassuring matter. But these fine minds and spirits rebellious, I fear, will be majorly disillusioned and disappointed when the arm twisting for NPR would begin and when the SC will let us down. Also, to slowly see a good number of comrades of concern withdraw, under the pressure of the circumstances, will not be an easy thing to digest and it certainly will leave a lot of youngsters feel more disillusioned and disappointed. In the end to see all the energy, enthusiasm, rightness, mobilization, hope and dream be crushed will be an immensely demoralizing impact on the fine young minds who are risking a lot in this battle of the right against the might.

The RSS has destroyed a major section of the youths by poisoning their minds with their ideology, a great reflection of which is Gopal Sharma who fired at the protesters near Jamia few days ago and Kapil who fired at Shaheen Bagh. Imagine how many youths who otherwise could have been a great asset to the world and contribute to its well being in several ways, have been turned into venom spitting destructive beings like Gopal Sharma and Kapil! Now if this great mobilization and mass movement against CAA-NCR-NPR ends up causing disillusionment to another major set of youths, it would literally mean the nation, the society having lost a major energy of an entire generation. I dont know what the next several years are going to be life for this society, for this country if that is to happen! That, if happens, I think will be the darkest of times.

Gopal Sharma and Kapil must have been a different people altogether before they got poisoned by the ideology which is poisoning the nation. They would have been different human beings had they not been poisoned by the ideology that is poisoning the nation. So many youngsters this country this society has lost, thanks to the poisonous RSS. Now, I fear, many more young minds getting eroded in this fight against the RSS. If we do not tackle this, somehow, the last laugh will be that of the RSS and worse, a good number of years will be lost with the losing of young minds and youthful energy.

I pray, all my fears mentioned above will be proven wrong by history. But I feel, may be we should collectively begin to think how to deal with the situation if at all it comes to being.

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